"The Sea" Rises to the Bright Moon, Unlimited Future | The 2023 Strategic Retreat Meeting of Hemony was Successfully Convened

On May 20th, the 2023 strategic retreat meeting of Hemony was held by Mingyue Lake, with rotating general manager Zhang Jianjiao presiding over the meeting. Chairman Lan Jianhua and the company's core management team jointly reviewed and planned the company's future strategic development direction.
       On the first day of the meeting, Zhang Jianjiao, the rotating general manager, introduced the company's strategic work process and strategic planning significance, detailed the purpose and discussion rules of this meeting, and hoped that each center and department would express their own opinions based on their own business reality, fully exchange strategic development goals, explore business innovation design directions, and lay a solid foundation for the next step of strategic formulation work.
        Chairman Lan Jianhua pointed out that the scale of the pharmaceutical and medical device industry is growing, the industry pattern is shuffling, and the future of enterprises lies in innovation. The core management team of the company needs to enhance its strategic foresight, comprehensiveness, and stability, continuously conduct strategic analysis, take how to adapt to the market environment and seize market opportunities as a long-term proposition, efficiently formulate market response strategies, combine the firmness of the strategy with the flexibility of the strategy, and provide a good pulse and direction for the company's market strategy orientation and market business development.

The industrial market is constantly changing, and enterprises need to seize market opportunities for better development. Understanding the external market environment in advance and assessing strategic directions are the fundamental ways to improve the level of market business. Lin Guifu, Deputy General Manager of Hospital Marketing Center, Prince Shan, Senior Director of Retail Marketing Center, and Guo Lian, Senior Director of Overseas and OEM Marketing Center, have gained in-depth insights into external macro environment, industry trends, market size, development pattern, growth potential, and segmented markets. They have shared their knowledge and understanding of industry development, providing forward-looking information for the company to identify major opportunities, risks, or uncertainties.
       Subsequently, around the strategic goals for the next three years, attendees conducted in-depth discussions from five dimensions: finance, customers, products, regions, and management, and determined the goal orientation of survival and development in the industry, prioritizing the development of business scale, and building competitive advantages in core areas. Regarding the subdivision of business segments, we will fully discuss the core arguments of business portfolio and innovation focus, actively explore the company's future products and services, market and region, business models and management ideas and methods.
       The next day of the meeting, Zhang Jianjiao, the rotating general manager, opened the day with the solar term "Xiao Man" and shared her understanding of "being full brings losses, being humble benefits". She pointed out that in the process of enterprise development, enterprises should also always have a humble heart, focus on their main business, and work hard to develop. Subsequently, the highlights and shortcomings of the first day of the review meeting were highlighted, and a discussion idea was proposed that "strategy is not about studying what we will do in the future, but about thinking about what we will do today in order to have a future.".

On that day, each group fully considered and discussed the design of business models for each business sector; Propose new ideas around value creation, value transmission, and value exchange; Propose new methods in strategic measures and organizational support to further promote the collaborative operation of front, middle, and back office departments in strategic work
        As for this, it is small and full. At the end of the meeting, the rotating general manager Zhang Jianjiao fully affirmed the results of the meeting. The two-day strategic retreat further enhanced the management team's unified understanding and understanding of the significance and methods of strategic formulation. Through in-depth thinking and discussion in each group, new ideas were determined and new propositions were proposed. At the same time, the next strategic planning work arrangement was released, proposing new requirements and expectations for the management team. In the future, each center and department should further strengthen their strategic awareness, enhance their strategic thinking ability, and promote the development of the company.