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Hemony Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. holds special fire safety training


November was the national fire-fighting publicity month. In order to effectively raise employees' awareness of fire safety, increase their knowledge of fire fighting, and master emergency rescue knowledge, Hemony Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. adopted multiple measures and actively prepared for the fire-fighting training exercise jointly with China Merchants Property.


Before the start of the drill, the fire instructor conducted fire safety knowledge training based on actual cases, from daily fire safety work to the use of fire fighting equipment and types of fire extinguishers, to explain and demonstrate in details, so that everyone could establish correct fire safety awareness and master basic fire fighting skills.

At the beginning of the drill, the participants first simulated the office building's fire emergency evacuation drill, followed by a rapid alarm sound. Under the guidance of the floor evacuees, everyone covered their nose and mouth with towels or sleeves, bent over and quickly and orderly fled from the "fire scene" according to the scheduled evacuation route.

During the subsequent drill of using fire extinguishers, according to the instructions of the commander, everyone held the fire extinguisher and gathered in place rapidly to skillfully put out the "fire" according to the fire extinguishing procedures and methods. During the drill, the participants actively cooperated, united and cooperated, and well demonstrated the team's ability to "fight".

Participants said, "We used to watch emergency drills; however, this time we participate in escape drills and use the fire extinguishers. Through training and drills, we not only learn the common sense of fire fighting and escape, but also deeply realize the importance of fire safety."


Through this fire drill, the fire safety awareness of the participants was consolidated and improved, and the ability of fire prevention was enhanced, laying a solid foundation for efficient and orderly emergency work in the future. Hemony Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. would continue to strengthen fire safety management, intensify fire safety working mechanism, strictly implement safety responsibilities, and ensure that no fire safety accident occurs, so as to truly eliminate hidden dangers.