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Hemony's all-staff communication training is carried out successfully


In order to improve the staff's work efficiency, improve the quality of information communication within the company, improve the efficiency of information transmission and create a smooth working environment, Hemony Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. implemented the training of "Communication Overview and Communication Mode Selection" and "Mail Communication Skills" for all staff on November 14 to 18.

The training was carried out simultaneously online and offline. The offline training was carried out respectively at the company's headquarters and in the Hemony Pharmaceutical Factory, covering all employees of the company in an all-round and three-dimensional way.

At the training site, the instructor explained in details the basic knowledge of communication and the choice of common communication modes in the enterprise through knowledge explanation, case analysis and scenario exercises, so as to drive the trainees to conduct in-depth analysis and discussion on the common communication modes in our company and advocate the trainees to communicate on the work face to face in the first place.

In the training of "Mail Communication Skills", the instructor introduced the rules and problems that should be paid attention to in e-mail communication from the following eight aspects: subject, address, body, end, attachment, language selection and Chinese character coding, sending object and reply skills, so as to guide the trainees to conduct e-mail communication more effectively and efficiently.

Through systematic learning and interactive communication, trainers have gained a deeper understanding of the importance of effective communication and mastered more communication skills, thus making cross-departmental communication and communication with higher and lower levels smoother. It is believed that employees participating in the training can make good use of communication tools in their future work and continuously improve their professional quality.