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The 3rd Voyager Plan class is successfully held


Recently,the Hemony's third training class for Voyager Plan(focusing on the training of middle level management personnel)is held ceremoniously in the Hemony Technological Park.The training focuses on the theme of"tempering into steel"and aims to improve the competence of middle and low level management personnel.


Through the warm-up games,Manager Huang Yulan in the second direct sales area of Chongqing starts the training to guide the perception of executive force.


In the course of"Results Orientation---Win in Execution",Huang explains definitions of executive force,individual executive force and organizational executive force in-depth.In the training,the tools for improving individual executive force such as"Four key thoughts"and"Eight good habits for time management"are introduced and make the participants benefit a lot.


Then,Manager Zhang Jie of the HR Department gives a detailed explanation on"Human Resources Management for None HR Managers"from four aspects:selection,employment,cultivation and retention of talents that the management personnel should know.


The content focuses on the structured interview of"selection";indicator setting and performance interview of"employment";721 principles of"cultivation"training,four-step method of job teaching,and different training methods for different employees;employee demand factors of"retention",diversified reward and recognition methods,health care factors and incentive factors and provides effective help for middle and low level management personnel in talent management.

The training is carried out in diversified teaching methods.The instructor explains the profound theories in simple terms.The course atmosphere is relaxed and active.The participants discuss actively and enthusiastically.The desired training effect is achieved.