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Company Profile

Hemony Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. founded in 2002, is a fully integrated pharmaceutical company primarily engaged in R&D, production and commercialization of western and traditional Chinese medicines.  The company has main offices in Lhasa Tibet, Chongqing, Beijing and Shanghai.  The main subsidiaries include: Chongqing Hemony Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Tibet MDC Technology Co., Ltd., Tibet Kaiyu Medical Technology Co., Ltd., Hemony (Hong Kong) Trade Co., Ltd., Taiwan Hemony Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 


Our business philosophy is "Human, Health and Harmony", and our vision is "ALL Efforts For Your Health" .  We are committed to provide the best quality products to patients,as well as the best quality services to our business partners.  


Our core asset is talent, and a top priority for future sustainable growth is the capability build-up for the existing 500+ staff.  Most of our senior management team and sales executives have extensive experience working in top multinational and domestic companies previously. They not only bring in the industry best practices and strategic perspectives for company's future development, but also human capital for talent development in the organization.


The company continues to sharpen its business model as the Chinese healthcare market evolves.  Commercialization of prescription products, and Rx-OTC dual model are the two founding pillars.   Licensing and acquisition of foreign products, commercialization of proprietary traditional Chinese medicines (TCM), development of selected generics, as well as build-up of manufacturing capability are various strategic enhancements that Hemony has taken to build the core competitiveness.   Since 2016, the company has successfully acquired a series of clinically proven, high quality brands, including BesoninHaozhiMeiShiYuAlpha-Lipon etc, covering a number of therapeutic areas, such as respiratory, neurology, nephrology, urology, infectious diseases.   Beyond expanding our portfolio, we are striving to meet our patient needs for high quality medicines.


Hemony actively seeks strategic partnership with domestic and international healthcare companies. Our existing partners include, PFIZER, ALVOGEN, SUN PHARMA, South Korea LGLS, Taiwan SYNMOSA, WEIDAR, Taiwan Lotus Pharma.

Hemony Pharmaceutical is growing fast, and open to potential domestic and international partners to work together.  We also welcome healthcare professionals to join us for the cause of human health, for a better tomorrow!

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