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Tianfu Group Delegation visits Hemony Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Hemony Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Time:2018-08-10

On the morning of August 9, Li Jian (Executive Chairman of Healthcare Department of Tianfu Group and Chairman of Tianfu Medical Management Company) and the delegation visited and exchanged with Hemony Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Accompanied by Lan Jianhua (Chairman of Hemony Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.), Tianfu Group Delegation successively visited Chongqing Hemony Pharmaceutical Factory situated in Shuitu Town, Beibei District, Chongqing, and carefully inspected Miconvey Office and Exhibition Hall, Pharmaceutical GSP Warehouse, pharmaceutical tablet workshop under construction and comprehensive preparation workshop, and Miconvey Instrument Workshop, and had an in-depth understanding of the production technology and process. The advancement of production link and selection of authentic materials of Hemony were unanimously recognized by the Delegation.

Subsequently, the Delegation came to visit the newly built Hemony Headquarters Building in Liangjiang New Area and held a symposium on such related topics as strategic cooperation.

At the symposium, Mr. Lan Jianhua (Chairman of Hemony Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.) extended a warm welcome to Tianfu Group Delegation, introduced the basic information on Hemony Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Miconvey, and had an in-depth elaboration on the future development strategies. The high-level management of both parties conducted an in-depth communication and exchange on the cooperation.

Chairman Li of Tianfu Group said that Tianfu Group was particularly interested in the cooperation and thought that such cooperation was in line with the industrial development direction of both parties. Tianfu Group hoped to form a broad strategic cooperation with Hemony Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., not only limited to financial cooperation, but including integration of strategic resources, development of strategic business and discussion on cutting-edge technology, etc. On the basis that the Company conducted business more excellently and deeply, Tianfu Group would assist in building the platform and find the conjunction point to achieve a win-win situation.