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Make all efforts till you can do nothing about it and fight till you are touched by yourself——Sharing of sales experience in special training for lead

Hemony Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Time:2018-08-02

The four-day special training for the sales system of Hemony Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is launched in Beijing On August 1. Relevant trainings on Direct sales market and sales strategies, Compliance training, Overview of CCV sales skills, Golden rules of sales management, Summary of practices of elite leader wolfs, Market strategies for trazodone, etc. are carried out in the one and a half days.

Eight regional managers share their sales skills, working attitudes and costumer communication skills themed on Achieving of quarterly goals, My game, my turf, my rules, Thank you for your company, Sales call with customer demands as the core, Sharing is learning, etc.

Luo Guangjian, deputy general manager, makes a wonderful comment on the sharing meeting. He encourages the staff to take a long-term perspective, plan properly, and perform down to earth to overcome difficulties with the "nail" spirit and create new record of performance.