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Future comes with positive trend——Special training for leader wolfs of Hemony Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Hemony Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Time:2018-08-01

On the morning of August 1, "leader wolfs" (managers of branches in each province, city and region) of Hemony's marketing system gather in Beijing and launch the special training for leader wolfs that will last for four days. This is a significant action under the new rapid development to improve quality of the Company's sales groups based on new objectives and strategies of the Company.

During the training, programs on sharing sales strategies, reviewing skills and discussing product strategies will be carried out. Directors for selling and training and some regional managers of the Company will share their sales experience and exchange their skills on public relation, etc. Director of the Company's HR & Admin Dept. will participate in the whole training and communicate with others at site.

It is firmly believed that the special training will build a sales team of vitality, strength and potential, and the team will become the pillar of Hemony Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.