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2018 Celebration of Year of the Dog

Hemony Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Time:2018-02-09

With the passing of the last year, we enter the new year of the Dog

On February 7, 2018, Hemony Chongqing Head Office prepared mascot and rich coffee and teas for colleague to celebrate the new year.

It aims to appreciate everybody for your hard work and achievements in the whole year and share the future with you. 

The whole celebration is cheerful and harmful. 

The dogs are very lovely, aren’t them?

It is found that there are so much choices that many of yours are entangled of what to select. 

It is strongly recommended to distribute dogs of the same (just for kidding).

Companions of the administrative team prepare rich coffees and teas.

Are you regret of eating to much in the breakfast?

Don’t worry, there are enough food for you!

In this cheerful, delighted and harmony moment of welcoming the new year,

On behalf of Hemony,

 it is hereto to extend the highest respect and wishes for the new year to all employees and your families.